Take Care of Your Sixth House

In today’s world, people mostly visit the famous astrologer in India in order to know their future regarding various issues, out of which health is a very important factor. It is very natural that as human beings we do have many shortcomings and often do commit certain mistakes and have to tackle the certain crisis in life. By reading the horoscope or the birth chart the famous astrologer can clearly indicate the crisis or the time that is to be taken care of in the future. As per the astrology, the Sixth House is commonly referred to as the House of Health and it deals with the diet, hygiene, and fitness.


Let us go through some of the basic characteristics of the Sixth House:

A strong sixth house in the birth chart clearly indicates the ability of a person to overcome adversaries, strong health and therefore choose a profession related to medical issues such as a doctor, nurse, spiritual healer and so on.

This house is also known as the house of increase, as a result, it increases over a time period. It also has the potential to subjugate debts and ultimately gain through the work efforts.

The House of Health communicates mostly to the physical health related to the middle abdomen such as small intestines, liver, and kidney.


Other characteristics of this house include bad habits, stinginess, imprisonment, diseases, misunderstandings, untimely death, wicked deeds, dishonor, competition and mother’s siblings.

The famous astrologer in the country can guide and aware the people but it is the duty of the people to abide by the predictions and take care of themselves and also their family throughout their life.

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