How Planetary Position Effects on Marital Issues?

In general, people often say that marriages are made in heaven. But in order to check the facts, we often visit the best astrologer in India who can read our horoscope and comment about the marriage-related issues. The astrologers study the horoscopes in a detailed manner and then they also pay special attention to all the planetary positions. Let us go through some of the important effects of the different planets and stars on marriage horoscope.


Venus: If a Venus is very prominent in a horoscope, then the person will lead a happy married life as all the love affairs are being based on this planet. The person mostly has the chance of having a love marriage at a very early stage of life.


Mars: A person with a strong house of Mars will be happily married and fortunate about love marriage.


Moon: If the Moon is strong in the horoscope, then the person will face a lot of troubles in the married life even leading to separation.


Mercury: A person lives a good married life and abides by the rules of the society and eventually tries to strengthen the relationship.


Jupiter: Marriage takes place only when the person is under the influence of the Jupiter house. Then only it is being considered that the person is in love and will, therefore, live a good and romantic married life.


Saturn: Under the influence of Saturn, a person is not interested to get married and will, therefore, have a delayed marriage. Also, their love life won’t be very stable.


Sun: If the Sun is very strong in a horoscope, then the person will prefer to live a happy and smooth married life.


However, it is being regarded that with the presence of auspicious planets and their positions in the different houses of the birth chart, marriage takes place soon in the life of every human beings.

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