9 Astrological Gems and Their Benefits According to The Best Astrologer in India

Every gemstone has it’s unique properties according to Vedic astrology. Gemstones are utilized from times of ages to cure the issues caused via planets. In the prior days just the rulers and People with high importance used to wear gemstones suggested by Astrologers and have their advantages, however at this point anybody can wear and get the advantages of the gemstones.


Wearing gemstones to avoid planetary effects, i.e. malefic effects, is currently very popular trend and its predominance is developing quickly. Since the general population who are holding these precious astrological stones are profiting them in each daily issue regardless of whether it is Business, study, career, marriage, training etc.



These are become significant in vedic astrology. According to best astrologer in India, nowadays from the Bollywood star to industrialist everybody is exploiting gemstones.


As indicated by Vedic astrology our 9 planets refer to the 9 unique gemstones. Ruby refers to the sun, pearl the moon, coral the mars, emerald the mercury, yellow sapphire the Jupiter, diamond for Venus, blue sapphire the Saturn, hessonite the Rahu and cat’s eye for Ketu. Its important to think about the gemstone you are going to wear if that is going to give fortunate or unfortunate impacts as per your horoscope.


For that you surely need to consult with an astrologer.  Otherwise, on account of resistance, that can likewise do hurt as opposed to profit. So, on the off chance, if you need to wear a gemstone, do counsel with an expert.



Ruby is the most exorbitant Gemstone worn for Sun, transmitting red grandiose ryes and infra-red radiation which makes and gives the subject dynamic, savvy, presents high respect and social regard, opportunity from sight issues and eye surrenders/diseases. This Gemstone runs over bones, cerebral pains, acid reflux, fevers and colic.


To put it plainly, the wearer will be commonly supported with great wellbeing, position and glory, especially making him/her free from any genuine irregularities or infection. Pearl specialists, stone carvers, craftsmen, engineers, draftsmen, legal specialists, high court judges can wear Ruby Gemstone with an incredible preferred standpoint.



Pearl is a white sparkling Gemstone in a few assortments of shellfish. Pearls originating from Basrah and Gulf nations and Mediterranean area are of unadulterated quality and profoundly helpful, especially in lessening strains, stomach diseases and conjugal disposes of.


If this Gemstone is worn by the women on neck, it will safeguard their virtue. This Gemstone’s impact over heart, blood and brain is significant. It expands the self-assurance of the wearer and improves his/her intellectual capacities, advances and constructs heartfelt working climate around the person in question.



Coral is a valuable Gemstone of splendid red shading and it comes in lighter shades as well. Coral Gemstone prospers at the bottom of the oceans. It is believed, a Coral Gemstone represent Lord of Warfare, Mars. Therefore, the female or male who wore it will be blessed with health, courage, immune, valor etc.

red coral

Through utilization of this gemstone with gold a few illnesses can be averted, especially tropical fevers, chicken pox, jaundice, fistula, impotency and afflictions relating to blood. Especially debased blood. Its utilization is likewise best in mending illnesses like pallor, general debility, shortcoming, fatigue, body torment, sensitivities, aggravations, hack and cold, bronchitis, pneumonia act.



Emerald is a valuable Gemstone of green shading. It is otherwise called Panna Gemstone. It is worn for Mercury and enabled cold green radiation to be consumed by the wearer empowering him to have ideal control over anxious and intestinal parts, liver, tissues, lurches, vocal string, tongue and sensory system.


Emerald Gemstone exceptionally suggested for representatives, journalists, printers, distributers, vendors of logical instruments. This Gemstone is additionally helpful for any affliction associated with these capacities, deformity in reviewing, stammering, cruelty in voice, understudies having week IQ and for ladies in conveyance bed dreading entanglements.


Yellow Sapphire:

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone as its name suggests, it is Gemstone of light Yellow Color. It is a costly stone and indicates honesty, devotion and trustworthiness of the wearers. It’s communed for monetary flourishing and comforts and especially useful for those who occupied with business or industry.

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is especially useful for those covetous to be honored with youngsters, or those inspired by nobler parts of life and in the mysterious, philanthropy, otherworldly inspiration, yoga reflection and religious lecturing.


Blue Sapphire:

Blue Sapphire is worn to avoid the malefic effects of Saturn. This gemstone has the most myths around it. This gemstone holds a bright blue color, which makes it very beautiful. This gemstone can make a poor very rich and as well vice versa. This highly protective stone blesses its wearer with potential willpower and determination.

Blue Sapphire or Neelam

It helps to avoid enemy and evil eyes and increase the insight and intuition of the wearer. The best astrologer in India highly suggests to take consultation before wearing this particular gemstone.



This precious stone is the Gemstone of white shading. Diamond Gemstone is useful for all around monetary success and bliss. By wearing this Gemstone the wearer will be known for his precise, deliberate and upstanding way to deal with the issues of life.


He would likewise show intelligence and development in their dealings, relationship and individuals would rest trust in them. However, the wearer must beware of their personality issues and would not be superfluously incredulous of others, especially their friends and family.



Hessonite – Gomed Gemstone shading resembles Cow’s pee. It is a Gemstone used to avoid the shrewd impact of Rahu. It very well may be utilized to extraordinary favorable position for afflictions, for example, wind and causticity. It helps the wearer with respect to proficient headway of money, wellbeing and joy and it hinders adversaries from bring forth plots against the wearer. This Gemstone causes the wearer to win court cases.

Hessonite or Gomed

It is a suggested stone for those occupied with lawful callings, for example, advocates, lawful professionals, Judges etc. It ought to be worn by the whole gang, who might be keen on otherworldly headways, especially amid the Rahu dasha.


Cats’eye :

Cats’eye Gemstone in hues it takes after the shade of the neem natural product, with silver streak. This Gem additionally comes in different hues like dark, high contrast, yellow, light blue and light red. Cat’s Eye Gemstone addresses issues like blocks and avoids detestable impacts of witchcraft. It tends to be productive worn by Politician who aims for higher positions and specialist.

Cat's eyes

This Gemstone is profoundly prescribed for those, who don’t have all around set ketu in their natal graphs. The malefic impacts of Ketu are to cause loss of notoriety and to build jealousies and contentions because of the local’s ubiquity. Legitimate utilization of this Gemstone will ease matters impressively and shield them from outrages, lose or notoriety.