Vaastu Related Tips from the Famous Astrologer in India For Living Healthy Life


Health is an important asset for everyone’s life and also an integral part of our daily life. People do undergo various things to keep the physical and mental health safe and secure.  In order to do that, the people often visit the famous astrologer in India who can actually guide you in a proper manner.

There are different fields of astrology, out of which Vaastu Shastra is a vital part. Vaastu Shastra deals with the study of different directions of the house and its scientific illustrations. In the present times, the life of the human beings lack a positive energy and in order to revive that energy, Dr. Sohini Sastri, a famous astrologer in India, suggested various tips of the Vaastu Shastra.


With the help of various tips and measures, and following them in the correct manner, the positive energy can be restored at home and the health issues can also be sorted out in daily life. Therefore it is important for all the people to follow the different tips of the Vaastu Shastra.

Let us now go through some of the important advice provided by the famous astrologer in India on the topic of Vaastu Shastra:

There is a belief in the Hindu mythology that Lord Hanuman acts as the shield or the protector towards the human health. So if an idol or image of Hanuman can be placed towards the south direction of the house, then many ill happenings can be avoided in the daily life.

The center or the midst of the house should be kept empty as much as possible as the positive energy will be flowing without any obstruction. The furniture also should not be placed in the middle.

The famous astrologer often suggests the clients that while sleeping the head should always be facing towards the south. If the person has a combination of Kapha and Vata then he/she should sleep on the left side and if possess Pita then should sleep on the right side.

The staircase of the house should always be placed in the corners or else it may cause serious health issues to all the members of the family.

It is a very good sign to light a candle on daily basis towards the south-east direction of the house. The color of the candle will also radiate some kind of positive energy so it should also be chosen carefully.

Different kinds of Reiki crystals are available in the market. The famous astrologer in India suggests keeping them in the midst of the house to keep it more energetic.


The house gates also acts a very important role in the Vaastu Shastra. The house gate actually promotes the good health of the residents and as a result, the boundary of the house should be of the same height as the house gate. Different kinds of citrus fruits can also be grown around the main gate of the house.

It is better to construct the overhead beams in the center of the house, otherwise that can severely obstruct the positive energy flowing in all over the house.


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