Get Suggestions from Best Astrologer in Delhi to Get a Chance in Film Industry

Each and every person in this world does have their own dream of becoming someone special. In order to achieve their goals, they do work very hard towards their target. Many people want to come into the limelight of film industry and often visit the best astrologer in Delhi to fulfill their dreams.

In their cases, the astrologers often suggest that the Venus planet should be stronger and if it is not then the astrologers make them strong enough through various astrological remedies in order to achieve their dreams. After judging the entire horoscope of the particular person, astrologers then suggest effective and appropriate remedies to make the Venus strong.


Venus is regarded as the king of entertainment by the astrologers all over the world. Although it has been seen according to the astrological chart, Sun is the real supreme power of authority but Venus acts as the true entertainer.

Venus has great influence on the film industry and therefore it is also known as the “Venusian Industry”. It is a saying that a person who has great influence of Venus on their horoscope knows the art of acting and can turn a simple thing into an extraordinary act.

This kind of people lives in the land of entertainment and they entertain people in their daily life. Venus represents luxurious life where they tend to earn a lot and also spend as much as they can and live life king-size, enjoys to the fullest. Venus is mainly a feminine planet so this planet should not be too strong for the males, unless they can inherit some feminine characteristics.


With a strong position of Venus, the person can become a superstar in both acting and singing career. They can also be successful as a fashion designer or a costume designer.

A Lesson from The Best Astrologer in Delhi Regarding Successful Foreign Marriage

Marriage is the most important social ritual in our life. Each and every individual should get married and find his/her spouse for the lifetime. Many people do inter-caste marriage and faith marriage and many of them marry outside the country. In this article we will discuss about various astrological aspects of a successful foreign marriage.

Foreign marriages do take place nowadays among many people and it has become a common scenario among the people of the society. Prior to any marriage, the people do have the tendency to pay a visit to the best astrologer in India to know about their spouse. They do visit an astrologer to know their future. The best astrologer in Delhi clearly indicates the different types of combinations which are very much responsible for the foreign marriage in the life of a human being.


Let us go through some of the planetary combinations responsible for foreign marriage:

If Rahu is positioned with Venus in the 7th house along with 12th lord then there it is being said that there will be a strong connection for a foreigner spouse.

When the 7th lord is being positioned in 12th house along with the combination of Rahu, then it is being said that there is a strong chance of getting a foreign spouse.

According to the best astrologer in India, If we spot a strong connection between 9th lord, 5th lord and 7th lord or houses in the birth chart, then it is being said that there is a high chance that the person may have inter-religion marriage or also the person may marry someone outside their own society. The mutual aspect of the planets, exchange of the houses and the stars and planets also play a huge role.

The combination of Rahu and Venus in the main chart or the horoscope indicates a high chance of marriage to a foreign spouse. If it is being observed that the combinations are strong in the horoscope and the navamsa chart then the chances increases.

If it is being seen that Venus for Male natives and Jupiter for female natives is placed in the 12th house or with the 12th lord in a watery sign, then it is very clear that he/she will grant a foreign spouse to the individual.

If the placement of Rahu in 7th house and 7th lord in 9th house or 7th lord conjunct with 9th lord, then it clearly indicates foreign spouse in astrology. The chance becomes stronger if the 7th house happens to be the Pisces.

If there is the combination of 7th and 12th house, then it increases the chance of marriage in foreign or in a distant place. The 12th house of the birth chart represents foreign marriage, in abroad or distant places.

marriage certificate for foreign marriage

In case of a female horoscope chart, Jupiter associated with Mars indicates that the woman will convert her boyfriend into the husband. If this combination falls in the 5th/7th/9th/12th house the person may be from a different culture.

The Importance of Astrology in Eyes of The Famous Astrologer in India

In order to get relief from all tensions and distress in daily life, people often visit the famous astrologer in India who can change the fortune of people through correct astrological services. Only the astrologers can guide them into the correct path of life.


Let us go through some of the points of the importance of astrological science:

Astrology helps the human beings to plan our future and take adequate precautions to make it much more successful. Although it is a fact that it is not possible to change the destiny of a person, at least with the help of astrological readings, remedies can be obtained through various modes.


Astrology is, in fact, is the only science that actually helps the people to see the future. Through the detailed readings of our birth chart, that is being based on the time and place of a birth of an individual the famous astrologer in India suggest the correct remedies.


The science of astrology denotes the strength and weakness of each planet, therefore specific professions can be chosen by the human beings as per the readings.


With the help of astrological predictions, problems can be solved in many fields such as marital problems, educational and financial problems, business problems, improve the job profiles and also others.


The astrologers not only predict the future of the people but the services provided by them also encourages the clients with enough self-confidence so that they can also fight the situations in their own way.

Astrological Services

Basic Birth Chart Analysis by the Best Astrologer in Delhi

Marriage is an important issue in the life of a human being. The decision of a marriage is also very important as the person will have to stay with his/her partner throughout the life. As a result of choosing the marriage partner, many people do visit the best astrologer in Delhi. The best astrologer suggested the different factors that are actually responsible and important for the inter-caste/ethnic/faith marriages.  Let us go through some of them:


Venus: Venus is one of the main houses for marriage and when it’s strong it acts as the main sign of marriage for the male.

Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu: All three planets have the major influence on the marriage of a particular person. They are being regarded as the separate planets.

If the fifth house of a person is very strong then it indicates the mentality and the love affairs happening in the life of the person in the recent times.

The seventh house of a person’s horoscope is being regarded as the house of marriage.

If the ninth house is strong then it indicates the religion and love affairs of the person.

In the male horoscope if Venus is being badly affected by Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, then there is the high chance of the person to get inter-caste or faith marriage.

In a female horoscope, If Jupiter is being afflicted by Saturn, Rahu and Ketu then the birth chart of the person indicates outer caste and faith marriage.

If the fifth and seventh house is being affected by Saturn then there is the high chance of outer caste and faith marriage.


If Saturn is being placed in the fifth house then it increases the chances of outer caste marriage.

When the lord of the ninth house is being affected by 6th/8th/12th house/lord and then, in addition, it gets afflicted by Saturn/Rahu/Ketu.