Know all About Capricorn Horoscope from Famous Astrologer India

The concept of Zodiac sign came into existence in ancient Greek and Roman era. They divided zodiac according to birth date.  The end of every year i.e. the time of Christmas and New Year belong to Capricorn.

Capricorn (December 22-january 19): Persons belong to this sign have many likes and dislikes all together. In one word, the positive traits of this sign can be described as very responsible and determined. According to famous astrologer in India many male and female of this sign have reached the highest peak of success.

Ruling Planet: Saturn


Capricorn with its Ruling planet being Saturn is very high ambitious and achieve what they aim for no matter how much obstacles come in their way. They have an immense love for music and passionate about art and crafts. Co-incidentally, though Capricorns are individualistic still they believe in family and tradition.

Apart from these positive vibes, famous astrologer in India talks about some negative traits of   this sign. Despite of having all the determination in them, they fall for their pessimism and lack optimistic view. Another negative side is that they can be called stubborn and detached at some point. Having all maturity in them they are very restless and unforgiving to people at times.

 Famous astrologer in India examined all the characteristics of this particular Sun sign and came with solutions as per need. They need to fight for their negative points. The star sign Capricorn is otherwise jewels of all signs as it brings forth New year, new perspective and new hope to the World every year.

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