According to Best Astrologer in Delhi Astrological Tips to Perform Better in Examination Hall

According to best astrologer in Delhi, as per the ancient Hindu scriptures sages or gurus believed that examination helped a Shishya or student to gain confidence, knowledge and wisdom in their life. We follow the process of examination since ancient era and even today examination helps to determine the knowledge & wisdom of a student. Thus we can say examination is the base of our education system.

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In Hinduism, Goddess Saraswati is worshipped as the foundation and origin of knowledge, wisdom, art and music. It is believed that one, who worships her with pure devotions and correct vidhi, is blessed with extraordinary knowledge and wisdom.

In the current society, doing well in examination and secure a higher percentage is very important. Good grade in examination helps for a further higher study, job etc. Literally it’s a gate pass nowadays. Therefore, I am sharing with you this powerful Saraswati Mantra, which is very helpful & important for a student to do well in exam. If duly chanted, it would impart knowledge and wisdom to the seeker.

Om Saraswateya Vidhmahe Brahmaputreya Dhimahi | Tanno Devi Prachodayata|

Although there’s no shortcut to hard work, so I would advise that the students must give in all efforts into their studies and seek blessings of Goddess Saraswati.

Meanwhile, parents can do regular Saraswati puja and chant the mantra throughout their child’s examinations.

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