Astrological Tips to Determine Whether a Student is Suitable for Medical Profession or Not

According to the best astrologer in Delhi, astrology is invaluable aid in determining the suitable profession for a person. This article helps in career counseling depending on the planets and their aspects. Career counseling is very important for students, before they take any decision regarding their career.

astrologer in delhiWhen your child’s horoscope shows clear tendencies of becoming an engineer and you are persuading him to become a doctor, he will become neither. This danger can be avoided by taking the help of a competent Astrologer.

Astrology combinations for medical profession:

  1. 6th house represents diseases. 8th house represents longevity and patient’s money. 12th house represents hospitals and expenditure. If these houses and their lords are related to the places of profession (10th house) and earnings (2nd house) and their lords, then we can assume that the native is going to settle into a career related to pharmacy, medicine, veterinary science, food technology, biology, and nursing.
  2. Ascendant posited in the signs Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces favor the medical profession.
  3. Mars is the planet for energy and blood in the body. Saturn is the causative planet for diseases and ill health. Uranus is a planet for sudden mishaps and surgical equipment. So, the planets Mars, Saturn, Uranus should be observed in the horoscopes of doctors.
  4. Mars, Saturn and Uranus having connection with 8th house and its lord, and the signs Aries and Scorpio make the native a surgeon.

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