Know about the Different Versions of Astrology

Most of the people who believe in astrology say that there were 80 branches of astrology and all of them were in existence. This is something so amazing to hear, isn’t it? Many of them show interest in astrology and they consult experts, refer to books and sometimes even travel long distances to gather as much as they can know about astrology. Astrology is something interesting that you can keep digging deeper and deeper.

Best astrologer in Delhi use astrology for self-awareness, family and clients. This is interwoven with so many paths and things in it and is considered to be one of the most complete systems. Read on more to know about the different versions of astrology.

Humanistic astrology:

This is a version of astrology which is mostly practised in the west. Some of them refer to this as astrological readings which are often used to assist people who want to know about personal awareness, karmic issues, weakness, strengths, and also the predictions of the future.

Karmic astrology:

This version of astrology is also known as esoteric astrology and is not a very well known version in astrology. This focuses more on the spiritual side of interpretation and insights. Once people use this version then they find this branch very fascinating.

Relationship astrology:

This version of astrology deals with the energy between the peoples who are in a relationship. This can be helpful for lovers, child and parents, boss and employee, family patterns, etc. Here people can get answers to all their questions related to that of how planets control the relationships of a human being. This version will give both the good and the bad news as well.

Medical astrology:

This is the most popular version of astrology these days because this has got great popularity at this time for both the pets and the people. This version also includes diet, herbs, and remedies.

You still have many versions of astrology as the list is much bigger. Try to know about each of them and you can apply it in your life.

How Reliable is Marriage Astrology?

Astrology is an art of science. Kundalini and guans play a major part in marriage astrology. According to the couple’s birth time and birthplace, if the gravitational forces of stars and planets are matched then they have a perfect Langana kundalini. Astrology outcomes are based on the probability calculation. It gives some percentage of probability based on the time and gravitational effects along with kundalini Gunas.

Role of house:

The most important aspect for predicting the consequences of astrology in marriage is the 7th house. This house elaborates the couples are suitable for serious relationships and partnership.

The 7th house and lord placement are equally significant in representing the marriage. The 8th house signifies whether the couples’ relationships are sustainable or stable. It also reveals the physical compatibility of lovers. If the 8th house is replaced by the 5th house then the native can be indulged in a secret relationship.

Role of planets:

The planet’s role and its position are important in love marriages. Among the 9 planets, Venus is the most influenced and natural planet in a relationship. If the Venus position has a stable place in natives, then it creates a strong ground for marital alliances.


The second planet considered for the calculation purpose of the relationship is Rahu. If the Rahu has a strong position in the love life of couples then the love couples will have a long-lasting relationship.

Their relationship will be stronger and couples will lead a happy life. In relationships, houses and planets are very important. but the exact prediction of love marriages is based on the couple’s date and time of birth to know more information about your marriage life consult the famous astrologer in Delhi. You can feel free to solve your queries. The astrologer provides you a solution to lead a long-lasting life between the couples.

Astrology Behind the COVID 19 Pandemic

The entire world is facing a tough time, the major delay is in medical science. We have to look for a solution in astrology. The COVID-19 was caused because multiple planetary positions faced a crisis it caused to the pandemic. the improvement or relief from this disease occurs in certain stages.

Without the activity of two significant planets such as Jupiter and Saturn, there will be no events that take place in our lifespan. The gravitational pull is very strong due to the revolving speed around the sun that produces effective charges and their larger masses. Exactly after 20 years the Saturn and Jupiter will meet in the exact position and each is associated with 20 degrees to each other.

Rahu and Ketu in Covid19:

This negative activity will sometimes produce a pandemic type of situation in our world. Another interesting fact about COVID 19 pandemic in astrology is because of Rahu and Ketu.

The two shadow planets are present in the Gemini and Sagittarius signs. From July to the September end we could see some changes in the disease. When these planets move out from these signs and Jupiter will not meet up with Saturn. This stage will weaken the pandemic situation.

The world faces second pandemic war:

In November 2020 we will again meet up with a different phase of challenges because Jupiter and Saturn are placed in the same zodiac sign that is Capricorn. From 20 November to 4th April , the world again faces a disaster.

This period will dispute the second wave of Covid19 and the conflicts occurring between the countries of India, America, and china. The problems can be based on the economic depression and something depression can happen If you want to know more things about the COVID19 consult the best astrologer in Delhi.

According to Astrology Why Sun Signs Cause Confusion?

Sun sign astrology is the western system which considers the position of the sun at the time of birth. This is a place between any one of the twelve zodiac signs. This is called sun sign or star sign of a person. Leo is one of the most dominant sun signs that are spontaneously creative that remains an extrovert of all zodiacal characters. To know more about the signs that cause you to affect and its remedies, contact a famous astrologer in Delhi.

Confusions Caused by Sun Signs:

This is indeed a fact that some of the sun signs in your life confuse your life. Considering your birth time, sun sign can affect your personality as well. For example, those who are born in April might behave the same as Aries and those who are born in May month may reveal the traits of Gemini. This is not a matter if you have a combination of two signs.

 By the influence of the other planets in your birth chart, you may feel disconnected from your sun traits. Your behaviour depends on the influence of the other planets at this time. Your birth chart reveals the day of your birth. This exactly tells the alignments of your planets in your life. You can easily able to figure out the position of the planets at the time of your birth. This is why it is technically impossible for the alignment of two signs at once.

Your sun serves as a reflection of your ego, soul and your approach to life. At the same time, your moon sign reveals your emotional core and your heart works accordingly. These signs are considered as the major influence on your personality and bring out a better understanding of your reaction and yourself.

Wrapping up:

Knowing about the rising signs, sun and moon signs help you to understand the way you react for a certain situation. You can understand the way you do and the way you act. This helps you to deal better with the problems that you have. This gives you more insight into the confusions in your life and changes that you need to work on.

Western Astrology vs Vedic Astrology: What You Should Know?

Astrology is the study of the astronomical positions of the events and planets on the earth. Astrologers believe that your birth time and the positions of sun, planets and moon have a great influence on the individual and the character of the individual.

It does not only affect the character but, it also affects the personality, environment and mood of the person. India is known for having many skilled astrologers as they help in predicting the future of a person. Check for the best vedic astrologer in Delhi where you will be able to find the talented astrologers, and he will predict your future with the position of planets and your birth time.

Western astrology:

Western astrology is popular in the western countries which are the system of astrology. Western astrology is largely based on horoscopes which are a divine chart prepared by knowing the birth time of an individual. In western astrology, the birth time of an individual is highly considered which correlates with the position of the sun.

In western astrology, the zodiac signs represent 12 personalities or modes of expressions. And they have classified these 12 signs into four elements which are water, fire, earth and water. Further, they have divided these elements into four categories i.e. Fire and air represents masculine while earth and water denote feminine in modern western astrology.

Vedic astrology:

Vedic astrology which is also called as Jyotish astrology is based on the Vedic scriptures of India. This Vedic astrology is completely based on the sidereal zodiac and they focus more on the moon sign than the sun sign.

Western astrology vs Vedic astrology:

Western astrology is based on the tropical zodiac, and Vedic astrology is based on sidereal zodiac. Vedic astrology depends upon the positions of constellations in the sky and they can be traced to Vedas the ancient scripture. While western astrology can be traced back to Egypt civilisation.

The bottom line:

Both the Vedic astrology and western astrology help in knowing your future with the help of natal charts. Despite the differences in both the astrology they aim to help you with the growth of your life by letting you know your strength and weakness.

What are Psychic Readings? How Accurate They are?

Life is full of mysteries for many people and they will always tend to search the answers for it. The mysterious and complex thing in life is the human mind. One best way to bring out the things in the human mind is psychic reading. Kolkata is the capital city of Bengal which is known for a psychic reading experts. Consult a best astrologer in India and get surprised by the changes that follow in your life after their advice.

What is Psychic Reading?

Every people have their strengths and weakness in their life. Not everything will be accepted by your mind. You need to understand your mind to understand what you want. Your psyche will channel spirits, aura reading and get connected with other physical attributes. An expert astrologer can read your mind to bring out all the internal conflicts and unfulfilled desires and cures the problem.

Helps to Understand World:

Psychic reading helps you to predict the future. If you visit an astrologer, for mind prediction they will bring out things as black and white. This is up to you to take up things that are better for your life. This helps you to understand the world better and a result, you can create your own fate through reading. This can help you to take perfect decisions and understand the causes that have led you to this moment. This reading can allow you to move into a bright future.

Spiritual Overview:

During your psychic reading, your intuition will lead you and go before you. You will get connected to your spirit that allows your mind to open up. This helps you to move on with the past experience. The reader allows you to live the past moments and gives historical triggers. This psychic reading can release past traumas. By doing so, it brings peace and harmony in your present life. This also allows you to create a positive future.

Wrapping Up:

Expert Psychic readers spontaneously strive to help you to build a good relationship, careers and take you to the right path of your life. There are many optimistic readers who have proven track records of many people. An experienced reader will always guide you towards the path of success.

An Overview of Sun Signs and Their Impacts in Human Life

Sun signs play a vital role in the life of every human being as it describes that you are powerful and vital in life. Seeing sun signs will let you know or you can become aware of what kind of situations and environments cheers you or lights you up. Sun sign also helps you to find the right mate, and also it helps you to choose the best career. Delhi is the place where people have a staunch belief in astrology so Google the best astrologer in Delhi and get clarity about your future.

Significance of sun signs:

Sun signs are very important as they will help you to know about your personality, strength and weakness. Sun sign helps you to discover the real you also you will get to know how people will view. While keeping your names for your babies it has to be unique, and it reflects the personality of your child. Especially for marriages, it is of high importance to see horoscopes as they will help you to see the compatibility of both individuals. People have been seeing these zodiac signs from ancient times as guidance for their lives. By seeing the zodiac sign you will have a clear guide on how to approach your life.

Types of the zodiac sign:

There are totally 12 zodiac signs corresponding to the constellations Taurus, Gemini, cancer, Leo, Libra, Capricorn, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces, Aquarius, Aries and Virgo. Each zodiac sign has different things to convey, and you will get to know yourself better than before. This way it helps you to grow more and helps you to develop your personality.

Why believe in sun signs?

Astrology is not a religion but a belief which is followed for many years now as guidance in one’s life. It helps to provide you faith, comfort and helps to understand the world you are living in.

The endpoint:

A Sun sign determines the personality trait of each individual and astrologers with the help of horoscopes will be able to predict your future. So visit the best astrologer and get to know about you better and choose the right career.

A Quick Glance about Relocation Astrology

Like other astrology relocation astrology is also one of the branches of study that shows which place on this earth, city, and town will be convenient or suitable for an individual. Astrology is very widely believed by the majority of the people in the world. Generally, the birth time of an individual and the position of the planets in the sky have a greater influence on the life of mankind. People in Delhi are very fond of astrology and so make sure to visit the famous astrologer in Delhi for knowing about your life better than before.

How does relocation astrology functions?

Astrology is not a story to be told and heard rather it is a belief that has been followed right from the ancient days. It is true and it works because the birth chart shows you the position of the planets in the sky at a given location and for a given time.

It is impossible for anyone to change the birth time which is why birth horoscopes remain to be constant and the same. In your birth chart, the position of the planets remains to be in force or it is active in each one’s life forever. Similarly, the path of the planets too remains active which occurred on your birth time and day.


Basically, the tendency of most of the individuals is to check with the relocation astrologer. The reason is people wanted to know whether the place, town, or city they are trying to locate is totally fine.

Or they wanted to follow any remedy in case their relocation chart encounters any setbacks. Chart relocation is just as simple as that, these astrologers create a birth chart by seeing the latitude and longitude of the new location which means the location you are about to relocate to.

The bottom line

Moving to another place or relocating your house to another place is all good. It is even better to approach a good relocation astrologer to check and to be sure if the place you are trying to relocate is all safe and good. So make sure to visit a famous relocation astrologer so that they will help you with relocating your place.

Easy Guide to Read and Interpret Horoscopes

It is believed that horoscopes are derived from Latin words which are horo and scope. Here horo denotes hour and scope denotes view so it does mean to convey a view of the hour. These horoscopes or natal charts are prepared with the help of planetary positions along with the birth time.

These horoscopes will determine the personality of an individual and help in predicting the future events of your life. In Kolkata, there are dedicated and sincere astrologers where you can visit them for directing your life on a good path. Make sure to visit the best astrologer in Delhi to know about yourself and your career better.

Simple ways to read your horoscopes

Recognise your rising sign:

In your chart check where is the first house because that is where your rising sign is located. And the small number in your birth chart or horoscope denotes your actual rising sun.

Find your sun and moon:

For finding the sun and the moon consider counter-clockwise to locate the first through 12th houses around the chart. There are certain abbreviations that you must learn those are the sun which is abbreviated as SU while the moon is abbreviated as MO. With the help of these signs, it will be easy for you to locate your signs in the chart.

Consider your sun and moon signs:

By now you would have identified where your sun and moon are in then you ought to identify in what signs they are in. What you should be aware of is that each house represents or denotes the signs.

Find all the nine planets in your natal chart or horoscope:

Here to find the nine planets first you should know about all the abbreviations to find which house they are in. Few common abbreviations are VE as Venus, AS ascendant, SU as the sun, ME as mercury, MA as mars.

The bottom line:

Reading a horoscope, birth chart or natal chart is not that difficult as you think, but by knowing certain methods you can easily read your horoscope. Try to read your natal charts by following certain methods which are mentioned above.

Facts You Should Know about Palmistry

Palmistry is the sense of foretelling the future as well as the personality. Through reading the lines on your palm, palmist can foretell your future. This is also known as Chiromancy which is started a hundred years ago by the ancient Indians. If you are looking for an astrologer, find a Best Palmist in India who can provide you with best astrological advices that helps you to take life decisions.

Significant Facts:

Today palmistry is practised worldwide and it is useful for all the sectors of people like a businessman, married couple, students and anyone who seeks advice for certain decisions. Here are some of the interesting facts about palmistry by which you will be amazed to know.

Not only have the lines of the palms reveal the truth about your life, but also the mindset and temperament. Things like shape, fingers, and dimensions of palm also give insight into your personality and character.

Early morning I the best time to read palm lines without any slumber. In the morning time, without having food or drink you need to consult palmistry. If you are active in eating and doing physical activities in the morning, it increases your blood circulation which conceals a few lines in your palm

Although many knew only knew about the six main mounts in the palm, professional palmist gives importance to upper mars mounts and lower mars mounts.

Heartline in your palm reveals the emotional aspects and the level of empathy. Any emotion-related issues can be easily sorted out by the palmist

Interestingly, the breadth, length and colour of the palm lines also constitute the prediction of your life. This indicates the length and quality of your life.

The most important line in your palm is the fate line. This is very important among the entire palm line. This is considered to be the line of brilliant fortune and good luck.

Wrapping Up:

So, how were the interesting facts about palmistry? Hope it is useful for you. If you would like to know about your future predictions through palmistry, then visit the best palmist who can give you accurate prophecy of your life.