Best Tantrik in India Depicts the Role of Planets in Our Life


Astrologers deal with the planets and its influence on the life of the human beings. The best tantrik in India suggests the people after judging their individual houses of different zodiac signs.

Let us go through some of the important role of planets in Vedic astrology:


Jupiter: According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter represents education, wealth, wisdom, happiness and knowledge and the person under his influence will be lucky and highly beneficial. Being the ruler of two zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces, the planet Jupiter has its great influence on priests and teachers.


Moon: According to Vedic astrology, Moon indicates mental and emotional power in human beings representing love and beauty to all the people. The positive effects of the Moon denote joy, enthusiasm and peace of the mind of the people. Also the negative effects of the moon cause stress, depression, and tension.


Venus: Venus, mainly governed by Taurus and Libra is mostly known for love, romance, beauty, music and others. Due to lack of Venus influence, the person suffers from lack of physical appeal and failed marriage life. Recognized mainly as a feminine planet, the owner of the Venus planet rules the physical attributes of a person.


Mars: Mars is known as the masculine planet by nature as it is red in color and therefore rules the courage and confidence level of the human beings. This planet plays a very important role in match making purposes. It controls the passion and indicates strong and uncontrollable urge towards many things.







Home Planning for Aries from Best Tantrik in India

Buying a flat or making your dream house is something that is your life long wish. And only once we have the opportunity to build the dream home for you.


Best tantrik in India is suggesting that you must follow vastu, scientific astrology before making your house. Today we will discuss about the home planning of first of Zodiac sign which is Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars and of course it is a Sun sign.


Basically this sign is sporty and techie in nature. Their dining room should be full of mementos, sporty articles, medals, photos etc.


As per bed space, it should be keep simple, alive and very comfy. In the house of an Aries there must be drawing room with full of books, video games, play station etc.


when it comes to color, we must chose dark colors like blue, pink, red, scarlet as this sign is full of energy and bright full in mind. An Aries easily falls depressed says best tantrik in India.


To cut down depression in least we should follow minimalism for decorating the house. Also matte items, articles are totally no- no for them. You should follow these tips before starting your dream home at least once.

Know about Your Birth-Flower from The Best Tantrik in India

Isn’t it beautiful to know about flowers that suits your personality, lifestyle and your image. Every zodiac sign has different birth flower according to their birth date. Best tantrik in India is discussing about all those flowers and their significance in our life.


Aries: Aries is the first of zodiac sign. People of this sign are highly ambitious and follow their will at any cost.

Birth Flower: Thistle & Honeysuckle.

Also peppermint, tiger lilies suits their personality.


Taurus: Taurus is a very gentle loving sign. They are very soft-hearted, lover of kindness.

Birth Flower: Rose, Poppy.

Also Sundews, Daisies are their lucky charm.


Gemini: This zodiac sign has two sides of personalities. Sometimes they are very calm and cool while in other time they love to party hard.

Birth Flower: Lavender & Lilacs

Also valley flowers, maiden hair ferns are blessing for them.


Cancer: Cancerians have a longing for home and family life. Best astrologer in India says that, of course they feel success is important but they never forget their roots.

Birth Flowers: White Rose.

It is very interesting to know that any kind of white flowers attract cancerians like white lotus, cabbages even.


Leo: Leo is a fire sign who likes to play the life and win every time it’s possible. For them winning to extent is matter.

Birth Flower:  Marigold, Sun flower.

As Leo is a fire sign the color yellow and any yellow flower is totally for them –stated our best tantrik in India.


Virgo: Persons born in this zodiac sign is sometime very shy and critical about life. They like to get every inch of details about what is happening around them. On a good note it is the sign of a perfectionist that helps them to be successful in life.

Birth Flower: Small flowers, Buttercups.

They are the epitome of elegance and beauty so flowers like narcissus absolutely match with them.


Libra: Charming and sparkling are the key features of Libra. Their outstanding quality is that they are very easy going and good listener.

Birth Flower: Large Roses and Blue bells are the flowers that define them from their birth.

Also, they have interest in Mint flower, Daisies etc.


Scorpio: Flowers belong to scorpion is as wild as them. They are very goal-oriented persons. Also Scorpio women are fashionista. It’s certain that their birth flowers all over define them.

Birth Flower: Red flowers i.e. Geraniums.

Also Scarlet Monkey Flower, Rhododendrons, Red Orchid are considered as their favorite flower.


Sagittarius: Adventurous and keen lover of philosophy, Sagittarius are very outgoing and search for mystery everywhere.

Birth Flower: Carnation Flower

Limes, Rush, Pink Carnation are all the favourite flowers of sagi’s.


Capricorn: Capricorns are very reserved, traditional kind of persons both personally and professionally. They are much disciplined in their way of living.

Birth Flower: Pansy & Ivy Flower.

Find Camellias, Scotch broom if you are Capricorn. Bouquet of any such flowers are perfect gift for them.


Aquarius: They are very loyal and friendliest person you would ever meet. Once you are friends with an Aquarius it is for life time.

Birth Flower:  Orchid.

Birds of paradise also define their personality.


Pisces: Pisces are creative, intelligent, and decorative. Flowers assigned to them match their traits overall.

Birth Flower: Water Lilies

Clematis, Moss is favourite flowers of this sign.