Astrological Tips to Determine Whether a Student is Suitable for Medical Profession or Not

According to the best astrologer in Delhi, astrology is invaluable aid in determining the suitable profession for a person. This article helps in career counseling depending on the planets and their aspects. Career counseling is very important for students, before they take any decision regarding their career.

astrologer in delhiWhen your child’s horoscope shows clear tendencies of becoming an engineer and you are persuading him to become a doctor, he will become neither. This danger can be avoided by taking the help of a competent Astrologer.

Astrology combinations for medical profession:

  1. 6th house represents diseases. 8th house represents longevity and patient’s money. 12th house represents hospitals and expenditure. If these houses and their lords are related to the places of profession (10th house) and earnings (2nd house) and their lords, then we can assume that the native is going to settle into a career related to pharmacy, medicine, veterinary science, food technology, biology, and nursing.
  2. Ascendant posited in the signs Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces favor the medical profession.
  3. Mars is the planet for energy and blood in the body. Saturn is the causative planet for diseases and ill health. Uranus is a planet for sudden mishaps and surgical equipment. So, the planets Mars, Saturn, Uranus should be observed in the horoscopes of doctors.
  4. Mars, Saturn and Uranus having connection with 8th house and its lord, and the signs Aries and Scorpio make the native a surgeon.

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A Brief Astrological Explanation from the Best Astrologer in Delhi about Late Marriage

Marriages were easy in olden days. As soon as the boy and girl reached marriageable age, the elders in family started searching for the bride or groom and generally the marriages were solemnized at early ages. As per the best astrologer in Delhi, marriage is one of the most important parts of our life. The journey of becoming husband and wife from a boy and girl gives our life fulfillment in every aspect, be it responsibility, love & care, children and so on.

best astrologer in delhiNowadays, late marriage is a common problem. With advancement of education and expertise, the new generation is occupied with expectation from life which also become the necessity of their future. To cope up with the society they are becoming super professional and very choosy. As well we have to consider few more facts, like – family responsibility, financial situation, physical illness are becoming more prominent barrier in the way of marriage. From outside it may seem that we have lost the zeal to conquer our problem together, we are now prone to security before marriage.

Astrologically speaking, all the above problems are orchestrated by malefic planets or their positions in our birth chart. 2nd, 8th and 12th house plays very important role in our marriage. Late marriage or delayed marriage is controlled by Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Sun. Saturn and Rahu plays the main role whereas we can consider Sun as the secondary factor.

If Saturn is the lord of 7th house or posited in 7th house, it create major negative impact in marriage. The native become unwilling towards marriage or the willingness appear at a late age. Saturn creates a situation where the native has to go through many challenges and crisis in every front, like – family, career, financial, physical etc. before he or she realize the importance of marriage.

Lagna or Ascendant is the first moment of contact between the soul and its new life on earth. One’s Ascendant, or Lagna, is the degree of the sign and constellation which is rising on the eastern horizon at the time of one’s birth.

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The extreme opposite or the western horizon is the 7th house. According to astrological laws and natural laws, the Sun is stronger in eastern horizon, whereas Sun’s power is lowest in western horizon as it sets in west.

If Sun is the lord of 7th house or simply posited in 7th house, it will be responsible for late marriage or it may make the native very choosy. But Sun alone is not powerful enough, if the malefic effect of Saturn or Mars adds up with Sun it can cause late marriage.

But do not worry; there is astrological solution which can completely resolve the late marriage issue.

According to Best Astrologer in Delhi Astrological Tips to Perform Better in Examination Hall

According to best astrologer in Delhi, as per the ancient Hindu scriptures sages or gurus believed that examination helped a Shishya or student to gain confidence, knowledge and wisdom in their life. We follow the process of examination since ancient era and even today examination helps to determine the knowledge & wisdom of a student. Thus we can say examination is the base of our education system.

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In Hinduism, Goddess Saraswati is worshipped as the foundation and origin of knowledge, wisdom, art and music. It is believed that one, who worships her with pure devotions and correct vidhi, is blessed with extraordinary knowledge and wisdom.

In the current society, doing well in examination and secure a higher percentage is very important. Good grade in examination helps for a further higher study, job etc. Literally it’s a gate pass nowadays. Therefore, I am sharing with you this powerful Saraswati Mantra, which is very helpful & important for a student to do well in exam. If duly chanted, it would impart knowledge and wisdom to the seeker.

Om Saraswateya Vidhmahe Brahmaputreya Dhimahi | Tanno Devi Prachodayata|

Although there’s no shortcut to hard work, so I would advise that the students must give in all efforts into their studies and seek blessings of Goddess Saraswati.

Meanwhile, parents can do regular Saraswati puja and chant the mantra throughout their child’s examinations.

How Planets and Their Position Effect Our Marriage?

For most of us marriage is a natural course just like birth & death. According to best astrologer in delhi astrology each of nine planets are somehow responsible for our marriage; be it a successful one or problematic. In some cases we can see very good-looking, well-educated, well established natives are also facing marriage related issue.

Either they face separation or they face extreme obstacle in finding life partner, in some cases marriages get postponed even after finalizing everything. People think these are mere accident but actually any of the 9 planets, their position and malefic effect are responsible.


Here goes few astrological facts & situation that might cause trouble in marriage –

Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are mainly responsible for delayed marriage.

7th house is the house of marriage. If Mars posited in 7th house then it create repeated problem in match-making. If Mars is situated in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house in retrograde position then it will definitely cause delay in marriage.

If Rahu or Ketu posited in the 7th house, it often sees that marriage gets cancelled after being finalized. In such cases the native face conspiracy from his/her own relatives and neighbors.

The retrograde motion of Saturn in 7th house (house of marriage) or 8th house (house of marital harmony) can cause extreme delay in marriage. The same thing happens if Sun & Saturn align together in 7th or 8th house.


2nd, 7th & 11th houses are responsible for perfect marriage. If lord of 2nd house in retrograde position and form a lineage point, it will cause delay in marriage. If the lord of 7th house posited in 8th or 12th house, then the native will face difficulties in finding his/her suitable life partner. If we find the lord of 4th house weak and retrograde Saturn or Rahu-Ketu combination situated in the same place, then there is a chance that the marriage gets postponed after being finalized. As well negative effect of your house’s vastu can effect similarly.

After considering all the above situations we also need to analyze our D9 chart. If the position of the lords of  2nd, 7th and 11th house are weak then also the native will face various difficulties and obstacle in marriage.

An Interview With the Best Astrologer in Delhi Regarding Corona Virus and It’s Astrological Facts

Tell me about yourself/ your company?

As you know my name is Sohini Sastri. I am a KP(Krishnamurthy Paddhati) astrologer by passion & profession. It’s now almost 25 years I am practicing professional astrology.

I was very much spiritual and devotee of Goddess Kali from my child hood. I guess I got this knack of astrology from my forefathers. I always got inspiration from my Mother who belonged to the family of great Swami Dharmamegharanya Aranya and Swami Hariharananda Aranya. I even drew lots of inspiration from my uncle, former Justice of Supreme Court late Aloke Chandra Gupta.

I was very much inspired and motivated how they help people in their need and provide comfort in the most stressful situation. I have completed my graduation in Arts and finished my masters & PhD in Political Science. As well I got my Doctorate in Occult Science. Victoria Global University, USA has regarded me with honorary Doctorate in Astrology. As well I have been honored with ‘D. Litt in Astrology’ by National American University, USA.

Apart from my qualification, I have been honored with the title Best astrologer in Delhi multiple times. “Champion of Change Award, 2019” from Vice Presiden Venkaiah Naidu, “Pride of the Nation Award” from Defense Minister Rajnath Singh & “Champion of Change Award, 2020” from former President Pranab Mukherjee are some valuable awards in my closet.


What are your specializations in astrology?

Apart from traditional astrology I am in regular touch with palmistry, vastu shastra, numerology, color therapy and tanta. Few repeated cases I would like to mention are – career related problem, marriage issue, business and legal issue, land related problem, concentration problem, conjugate problem, relationship issue and vastu problem.


Your prediction on the recent Corona Virus outbreak in India

Coming to the present situation, as an astrologer I have tried to share few astrological facts related to “2019-nCoV”, a virus yet to be contained causing global pandemic, from economic breakdown to air travel restriction.


Let’s discuss about the outbreak first. Here goes few facts that will enlighten you.


  1. Jupiter is the planet of international travel and exchange. Generally it brings luck and good fortune. In this case, on 1st December, 2019 Jupiter was ending a 13 month travel to it’s home sign Sagittarius. On 2nd December, 2019 Jupiter has moved into Capricorn, it’s retrograde position and join Saturn & Pluto. This occurrence may cause the release of hidden & suppressed devil – a virus. On 1st December, 2019 the first case of novel corona virus was detected in Wuhan, China.


  1. This might also be an effect of 2019 eclipse. We were than assuming disturbance and mass destruction may happen due to USA-Iran conflicts. Clearly we have overlooked the possibility of global unrest due to virus outbreak. As well, the main source of spreading the virus is the use of Seafood. So there is a major involvement of Moon’s influence in spreading this disease as it controls the ocean and sea-related products.


  1. On 21st March, 2020 Saturn will enter it’s 3 year journey into Aquarius. Aquarius is an Air sign and it indicates challenges that spread through atmosphere, it can also be respiratory infections and airborne diseases just like 2019-nCoV.


In India, we have 147 confirmed cases of corona virus as of today. Among them 3 are dead; an old man has died who was also suffering from cancer and a woman who was aged too. Most of this corona effected persons are either foreign tourists or Indian citizens who just back home from foreign trips. Being an immediate neighbor of China and still avoiding major outbreak is a bit positive news for us.

Astrologically speaking, if we analyze the chart of India, we can see Taurus as ascendant and Cancer as sign. Currently, Saturn is undergoing its Antardasha and Prayatyantar Dasha in Moon’s Mahadasha. According to the chart, Jupiter is in Capricorn sign, which is the eighth house from the Ascendant of India and the sixth house from the moon sign. Saturn is in the ninth house from the Lagna chart and seventh house from the Moon chart. The sixth house indicates major diseases and the eighth house signifies disasters and time of crisis. The transit of Jupiter in Capricorn is not favorable for India. But there is a positive thing for India too, India is ruled by Capricorn and the ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn. These two are the big players in this epidemic and they are also the strong ones for India, so we can expect lot less corona crisis compare to many other countries.


Other than medical crisis, 2019-nCoV has created other issues too. Like,


The journey of Saturn into Aquarius can impact the flight industry, hampering business travel. The aviation industry, travel & tourism, hotel chains are already at a great loss. The first phase of this journey is 21st March to July 1, 2020, then it will return again with phase two from December 17, 2020, until March 7, 2023. Also, Jupiter, the lord of international travel, being grounded in the earth sign Capricorn will increase the number of road trip in compare to air travel.


In January 12th, 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction took place in Capricorn. These two planets have aligned together for the first time since 1518. As Capricorn rules the economy and government, it can trigger a ‘Black Swan’ event in economy. As a result economy will face drastic breakdown in this phase.


How and when will it end globally?

Predicting the end of this global pandemic depends on multiple facts and variables. As there is not enough information available currently I cannot provide an exact prediction. But on 30th June, 2020 Jupiter enters Sagittarius again in retrograde motion. As we know Sagittarius is Jupiter’s own sign and any planet in own house tends to perform very well, in fact, better than their exaltation sign. So we can assume a little progress on the situation from June, 2020. Again, 13th September, 2020 Jupiter becomes direct in Sagittarius. And we can hope for a permanent solution that time.


As well, Saturn and Pluto starts travelling in a close contact since December, 2019 and it lasted till late February. As it has passed now, we may see the rise in economy again and hope for the chances of decreasing the negative effects created by this deadly virus gradually.

The Qualities You Should Look for While Choosing the Famous Astrologer in Delhi

In the earlier times, astrology was regarded as the superstition and the subject astrology and the people who used to practice astrological services were being scared by all the people. But the entire scenario had changed in the recent times.

Nowadays astrology is being granted as a science that deals with the position and the different impacts of the heavenly bodies and sun and stars on the life of the human beings. The best astrologer in Delhi deals with all these issues in their daily life before recommending the correct solutions to all the problems.


Here are some of the important factors that need to be checked before visiting the famous astrologer in the country:

Along with the experience the formal education of an astrologer is also very important to gain fame all over the country. Some of them also win many awards such as Jatis Samragyi Award, Matangini Award, Tantra Jyotishguru and many others.

The famous astrologer in Delhi always keeps an eye on the betterment and the welfare of the common people. As a result, he/she always keeps their charge or fees minimal so that it can be affordable by the people of all sections of the society.

Also he/she never suggest only expensive gemstones as a part of the remedial solutions but give enough confidence so that the clients can fight against their own issues.

The famous astrologer should be patient towards the client, confident in his/her own subject and have the quality of dependability on whom the clients can rely upon and share all their thoughts and feelings.

What is Astrology? Does It Really Help or It’s Just Some Fake Belief?

Today we have picked the most controversial debate related to astrology; does it really help by predicting future events or is it totally fake, bound by some ancient beliefs? For enlighten us on the above topic, today we have the best astrologer in Delhi, Dr. Sohini Sastri.

Before discussing further we need a little knowledge about astrology.

What is Astrology and how does astrology works?

Astrology is an ancient science which can tell us about the influence of celestial, distant cosmic object on human. By celestial object we mean stars and planets. Astrology also helps to predict events by studying the movements and positions of celestial objects. Astrology is so ancient, it has been dated to 2nd millennium BC.

Most of us think about just 12 zodiac signs or sun-signs by the word astrology. But it is so much more than that. The sun-signs are determined according to native’s birth date. Probably this is the simplest form of astrology. According to the best astrologer in Delhi, such analysis provide limited data and it can be wrong time to time. She personally believes in Vedic astrology, more specifically KP method of astrology.


KP System or Krishnamurti Paddhati is considered to be one of the most precise astrological systems in India. This is an excellent system of astrological predictions, conceived and created by the great astrologer Late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti. KP System is based on finer points of Indian and Western astrology and borrows important concepts from many branches of astrology. Regarded as the most accurate system of present time, KP System of astrology is systematic and very well defined.

Scientist will tell you not to believe in astrology. Astrologer will provide facts in support of astrology. The fact is both of them are true. Astrology is not proven ‘controlled science’ yet, but you cannot ignore it either.

The season change, tidal flow etc. are managed and controlled by celestial objects like sun or moon. Human body is also formed with substance like water, carbon etc. So in the same way that outer objects effect earth, it also effect on living objects. Various celestial phenomena effects on our life differently. It effects on individual’s mood, behavior, education, career, married life, financial status etc.

As per the best astrologer in Delhi, there is a simple linear manner of explaining astrology. Such as, you collect the birth details of a native, calculate the Natal diagram. Analyse the diagram and predict based on that. This is the most linear explanation.

But the real strength of astrology is, it works in non-linear manner at the same time. It is this nature of astrology that has set it under assault, since a non-linear capacity has been taken to infer that it doesn’t have a control system and hence it isn’t subject to scientific, logical scrutiny or approval.


In school, we were instructed that light carries on as though it were molecule or a wave. Truth be told everything acts as though it were molecule or wave.

Particles connect in a straight manner. Two particles crashing, for instance, have unsurprising coming about directions. There are logical laws that decide the conduct of both individual particles, and complex structures of particles. This method of these practices formed a particular mechanism. At the point when researchers are not furnished with such a mechanism, the process or it’s understanding, is questioned.

Astrology doesn’t work with perfect mechanism. It works with relationships, patterns, tendencies, and interpretations. It doesn’t always offer a yes or no answer. You can say the same about quantum computing which is a cutting edge technology. Not having 100% clear set of rules does not make anything fake.

In a nutshell, there will be long debate on astrology and its truthfulness. We will not achieve anything from such debate. As per my understanding, astrology does not always provide accurate prediction as it is a complex probabilistic calculation. But it certainly provides the best choices or chances according to our chart. And I can say it’s fair enough to have suggestion in the ‘Exam of Life’.


Best Astrologer in Delhi Discussing about Hidden Meaning of Birth Signs

All the zodiac signs have their hidden meaning which depicts the characteristic of the people under that particular sign. Zodiac signs can give us explanation to our weird habits and some necessary details about a particular person’s character, goals and ambition.

Aries (March21-April 19)

Hidden meaning: the Ram

Aries are the first of zodiac sign. It is a fire or sun sign. A natural born leader, Aries aims for success and achieve it. They are cable of taking charges in life be it professional or personal. Persons belong to Aries are giver and kind. Spontaneity, adventure are the traits of this sign. Loyalty is in their veins.


Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Hidden meaning: the Bull

Taurus is the earth sign born under the planet of Venus. They are the bull of zodiac sign which means that they are stubborn sign. They have a strong eye for luxury. Passion for music defines them especially hard core strong music. Also they have love for gardening cooking etc.


Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Hidden meaning: the twins

The hidden meaning of Gemini is the twins, who like to get interesting companion in life. Otherwise they get easily bored. Gemini is the air sign which lead them as being calm and very compassionate.wit and sarcasm comes in handy with them. Highly passionate Gemini can give their all to a passion whatever that may be. According to the best astrologer in Delhi, Gemini is a bit of inconsistent in their life.


Cancer (June 21-july 22)

Hidden meaning: the Crab

Chanceries are the water sign. They have a good many features in them which make them very attractive. One of them is their intuitive nature. Also they have a remarkable personality what makes them close to friends even more. But wait! Do not try to understand a chanceries because you can may fail.


Leo (July 23-August 22)

Hidden meaning: the lion

The lions aka Leos are hell of a personality. Wherever a Leo stands something magical will definitely creates. Though they are sometime a bit of self-centered and egoistic still they are very straight to your face and honest in personality.


Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Hidden meaning: the virgins

Virgos are the trustworthy, intelligent, sweet kind of a sign. Their intelligent nature makes them attractive as hell. Generally sweet if not provoked by negative vibes. Career –oriented, cool and calm personality. They are wild and seeker of adventure time to time. Since they born under mercury, they are very communicative and thoughtful of others.


Libra (September 23-October 22)

Hidden meaning: the scales

Libra is an air sign born under influence of Venus. According to astrologer in India they are fond of being in love. Libras are very charitable and love mankind and animal. It is a saying that all Libras should join public service as they are good at it. Despite of being such amicable personality, they are at times very bossy and bit of diplomatic.


Scorpio (october23-november 21)

Hidden meaning: the scorpion

The ruling planet of Scorpio is mars. All the qualities of mars is prevailing in this scorpion sign. By nature Scorpios are very intuitive, power house of energy and excellent stamina. Scorpio’s motto is to get and success no matter what happens to earth. As per best astrologer in Delhi, they are great when they are entrepreneur in their own field.


Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)

Hidden Meaning: the Centaur

Ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter. They are adventurous, strenuous and philosopher at the same time.


Capricorn (December22 –January19)

Hidden Meaning: the Goat

They are very positive minded, self-controlled, determined in their field. Value their relationship more than anything. They are very traditional and family person. They have a keen interest in art & crafts. As per the knowledge of our famous astrologer in India, they are very emotional and value their commitments.


Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

Hidden meaning: the Water Bearer

‘Kumbham’ or Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. Planet Saturn is very authoritative, progressive in mentality. They believe in Success but not more than their emotional front.


Pisces (February 19- March 20)

Hidden Meaning: the Fish

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Pisces. In Vedic astrology, Fish is called ‘meenam’. They have an immense love for poetry, writings and Literature especially. They do work professionally when they need to. Imaginative in nature.

Why Celebrities Have Faith in Best Astrologer in Delhi?

Are you a celebrity? Facing rough patch in your career? It is very common problem in every profession today, as the competition is increasing day by day.

But, thinking about only problem and falling in depression will not do you any good. Rather you should focus on your career and take suggestion from a best astrologer in Delhi. You should share your problem to a authentic source to get the fruitful result.

Vedic astrology is fruit of prolonged research of astrologers in India. They believe in scientific astrology in fused with Vedic culture of our society. Celebrities from different Country come to India just to get a glimpse of their loving astrologer who is famous all over the world.


An authentic astrologer of course believe in luck but still they think that it is possible to turn the table sometime just by a proper approach. It is very common that celebrities who are famous in their field sometime tend to create mistake by taking wrong decision in their life. Very often, it leads them to frustration, depression and even sometime their career gets doomed.

Best astrologer in Delhi will help them out through their rough patch in career. Eventually they can again face the light and ray of hope after consulting with these famous names in India.

Know The Ultimate Power of Astrology from Best Astrologer in Delhi

Astrology is all about the power of celestial force and the position of stars. Our fortune to a large extend depends on the position of stars and their power of magnitude.  The study of stars and their position in our palms is called ‘palmistry’.

We should have a proper knowledge about ‘palmistry’ from the best astrologer in Delhi to get the perfect bridal match or may be the best results in exam. Nowadays it is a very common issue of students that they are not getting the expected result even after studying a lot.

Relationships are worsening day by day and sadly the rate of separation in marriage life is making their place in our culture. Here comes the role of the ‘astrology’ the study of celestial mystery. As the efforts are always the keynote to every success similarly we should pay attention to our ruling star and their force.


Otherwise no matter how much you pour effort the ultimate power can be obstacles to your success. Naturally, it is not possible to learn the stern truth all by ourselves. So we will suggest you to the best astrologer in Delhi of our time to guide you through your journey.


But people have a tendency to put everything on faith and do nothing about faith. Our advise will be always that we must unite both the elements that is our will and faith in star united. Ignoring one of the elements may affect your destiny.  So choose wisely and mindfully as we all know that our destiny is in our own hand.