Four Elements of Your Zodiac Sign from Famous Astrologer in India


According to Hindu astrology (Vedic astrology), there are four element in the Universe. our birth date decides under which element we become part of. These elements of nature create difference in our nature, characteristic, career, interest etc. These elements are water, fire, earth, air respectively. Famous astrologer in India is discussing with us how such elements of Universe make us different from one another.

Water elements:

Person belong to Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces are assigned to water element. They are very calm and composed in their personal- life.  Emotion and impulse nature defines them as water sign. They have a immense love for nature, sea-shore. They take their decision in life from heart mostly. Negative thing about this sign is they are not too much practical and logical.


Fire elements:

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius– are the fire signs. As they are fire sign, they are ascribed as enthusiastic and full of energy.  They are practical and logical in approach.  Adventure lover and seekers of philosophy.  As per our Famous astrologer in India, they (fire signs) think larger than life what make them fails to frustration easily.

Earth elements:

Earth signers are very traditional, practical. Love their family and friends. As they are the earth sign, they are very down to earth people. Ups and downs do not make them leave the root. They belong to their root and keep in touch with it. They get success in life and know how to draw a line between personal and professional life. Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus all are the earth sign.

Air elements:

Gemini, Leo and Aquarius all are air signs. Absolute thinkers, smart approach, reasonable mentality all are the traits of these air signs. Kind-hearted but strong minded. Love to be loyal. They are Very old school material in the matter of relationship. Believe in destiny. They are totally fun-loving people, otherwise easily get bored.


Know all About Capricorn Horoscope from Famous Astrologer India

The concept of Zodiac sign came into existence in ancient Greek and Roman era. They divided zodiac according to birth date.  The end of every year i.e. the time of Christmas and New Year belong to Capricorn.

Capricorn (December 22-january 19): Persons belong to this sign have many likes and dislikes all together. In one word, the positive traits of this sign can be described as very responsible and determined. According to famous astrologer in India many male and female of this sign have reached the highest peak of success.

Ruling Planet: Saturn


Capricorn with its Ruling planet being Saturn is very high ambitious and achieve what they aim for no matter how much obstacles come in their way. They have an immense love for music and passionate about art and crafts. Co-incidentally, though Capricorns are individualistic still they believe in family and tradition.

Apart from these positive vibes, famous astrologer in India talks about some negative traits of   this sign. Despite of having all the determination in them, they fall for their pessimism and lack optimistic view. Another negative side is that they can be called stubborn and detached at some point. Having all maturity in them they are very restless and unforgiving to people at times.

 Famous astrologer in India examined all the characteristics of this particular Sun sign and came with solutions as per need. They need to fight for their negative points. The star sign Capricorn is otherwise jewels of all signs as it brings forth New year, new perspective and new hope to the World every year.

The Importance of Astrology in Eyes of The Famous Astrologer in India

In order to get relief from all tensions and distress in daily life, people often visit the famous astrologer in India who can change the fortune of people through correct astrological services. Only the astrologers can guide them into the correct path of life.


Let us go through some of the points of the importance of astrological science:

Astrology helps the human beings to plan our future and take adequate precautions to make it much more successful. Although it is a fact that it is not possible to change the destiny of a person, at least with the help of astrological readings, remedies can be obtained through various modes.


Astrology is, in fact, is the only science that actually helps the people to see the future. Through the detailed readings of our birth chart, that is being based on the time and place of a birth of an individual the famous astrologer in India suggest the correct remedies.


The science of astrology denotes the strength and weakness of each planet, therefore specific professions can be chosen by the human beings as per the readings.


With the help of astrological predictions, problems can be solved in many fields such as marital problems, educational and financial problems, business problems, improve the job profiles and also others.


The astrologers not only predict the future of the people but the services provided by them also encourages the clients with enough self-confidence so that they can also fight the situations in their own way.

Astrological Services

Points To Remember For The Famous Astrologer in India


In the present times, people do have lots of problems in their daily life leading them to stress, tension and lots of problems. In order to solve their problems all the people often visit to the famous astrologer in India who can actually guide them in the correct path of life for the betterment of the human race.

The famous astrologers should possess some qualities to gain the fame in the entire country. Let us view some of the important factors that need to be checked before visiting the famous astrologer in the country.

The consultation fees and the other charges of the astrological services are always kept minimal as people from all sections of the society do visit the astrologers for the best solution. They never suggest any expensive gemstones or other expensive remedies.


Although there are many astrologers but the famous astrologer in India can be judged through his or her predictions, faithfulness and authenticity. The astrologer should attain the authorized certificate in the field of astrology from any one of the recognized institution of the country or abroad. Some of them also win many awards such as Jatis Samragyi Award, Matangini Award, Tantra Jyotishguru and many others.

The famous astrologer not only predicts the future and offers different astrological services, but they also increase the confidence level of the person so that they can fight with their own problems. They actually increase the mental stamina of the people and the positive vibes through which the struggle becomes easier for the people.

The famous astrologer actually should be very trustworthy as they are supposed to maintain the secrecy of all their clients. The clients reveal all their problems to the astrologer to receive the remedy. Confidentiality, trustworthiness, belief, dependability are the key factors of gaining fame in the country.


Ways To Search The Famous Astrologer in India

This particular article is about the ways to search for the famous astrologer in India and change the wheel of fortune of many people. The correct reading of the past, present, and future and its appropriate remedy can solve all the problems in life.

In the early days, astrology was being regarded as the superstition, but the views have changed. At present, astrology is an ancient study of the movement of the stars and planets and its influence on human life. Although scientists have disapproved astrology as a false one, in the recent times, people tend to believe in the study of astrological reading and its various services. Actually, the human beings do have the confidence to overcome all the hurdles in their daily lives.


But many times, when we tend to break or lose the self-confidence, the power of astrological services help to overcome all the difficulties. In the present day circumstances, each and every people do understand the importance of astrology in life.

Here are some of the important points that should be followed before going to the famous astrologer in India:

It is always advisable to research on a particular subject before doing the work. Similarly, before visiting the famous astrologer in Kolkata, you should know the base of astrology and its various services. In order to make a horoscope, an astrologer needs to know the birth time, date and location of a person.

In every sector of the life, reference is of great help. It is always better to reach out to an astrologer with a proper reference rather than selecting randomly from the internet. Along with the reference, views and feedback regarding the astrologer can also be received through which the genuineness of the astrologer can be gained. Some may take astrology as fun but it is not so always because predicting the future is truly a very vital job.


Knowing the future is always a curiosity among all the people as they come to know about their own self and also about others. Not only the positive facts, but the people also come to know about the negative facts of the own self. After knowing the negative facts about themselves, the people can also rectify them with the correct remedies and perform several astrological services.

The astrologers do not charge high fees from their clients as people from all sections of the society do visit the astrologers in search of the correct remedies. When the fees for the various astrological services are being afforded by the people then everyone can avail the services and get benefitted with them.

Along with the ability to read the horoscopes, the famous astrologer in India should have the capability of good interpersonal communication with the clients. The patience, ability to judge the mentality of the people and the capacity to solve their problems through correct future predictions actually gain them fame.

For some of the people, visiting the astrologer is a fun as they do not believe in the various astrological services. Although it is true that sometimes the future predictions are funny. People often laugh on the various funny predictions but it is not correct as astrology is not a subject to laugh at. The famous astrologers often carry some counseling sessions with all their clients to solve many of the problems and gift them a perfect solution.


Everything You Need to Know About Numerology from Famous Astrologer in India


Famous astrologer in India has something to say about numerology. A unique field of astrology is numerology. Numerology is a science of numbers. Al though some will argue before calling it a science, but for astrologer in India, most of the famous astrologers in the country, it is most logical and practical part of astrology.


The study of numerology is nourished from ancient times in various civilizations from Chinese, western to Vedic astrology in India. Actually, it has been researched and found that, great Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras first studied and experimented with the idea of numbers and possibility of connection between human life and numbers.


There are many descriptions about numerology. But a truth that is globally accepted is that numerology is the science of numbers that talks about each and everyone’s lucky number, crucial moments of a month, peak or high time of life. In fact, one can determine their future goals, career, and life decision by totally researching about numerology, according to top astrologer in India.


In numerology, numbers are counted as 1,2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,  9 in every cases, and 11, 22, 33, 44, these are considered as master number. Also, there are various logic and types of numerology that can be studied and examined properly in a Broadway.


Do you take interest in the science of numbers? If you also want to know about your crucial time in life, at least once try numerology.

Vastu Tips From the Famous Astrologer In India For Academic Success

Worried about your child’s academic performance? Is the child unable to obtain good marks in spite of studying hard? Fret not. With leading astrologers by your side, scoring marks as per your expectations is no longer a hassle. All you need to do is follow the Vastu tips and achieve academic success!

No matter whether your child tends to forget everything or gets nervous after entering the examination hall, there easy techniques to overcome them. Experts believe that Vastu Shastra lays down some easy practices for students which enable them to perform well and even concentrate better.

Have a look below to know more about these useful Vastu tips!


Famous Astrologer India: 5 Vastu Tips To Achieve Academic Success


  1. Choose eastern or northern direction
    While studying, choose a room which is in the northern or eastern direction. For reaping beneficial results, ensure that the doors and windows of the room are at northern or eastern direction. Even when your child sits down to study, ask him/her to face either eastern or northern direction.


2. Study table should be away from the wall

Ensure that your child’s study table is away from the walls. Further, no door should be there behind him/her. This will prevent any source of obstruction around him. Try to have an open space in front of the table so that the child is encouraged to have new ideas and approach.

23. Avoid sitting under a beam

Is there a beam in the room where your child studies? The best astrologer in India believes that a student should never sit under a beam while studying. Either shift the beam to some other room or add a false ceiling.

4. Have bright lights

The ambiance that your child studies in, affects his studies to a great extent. Have some bright lights in the room and ensure that they are not too harsh for your child’s eyes. Place the light on his left to boost his concentration.


5. Avoid dull colours

Eminent astrologers suggest parents to choose bright and vibrant colours to have positive energy around their children. Dull and dark colours should be avoided as much as possible. You can choose colours like- light green, light blue, pink, etc.

So what are you still thinking of? Quickly avail the guidance of famous astrologer india and ensure your child’s academic success!

10 Ways To Make Your Relationship Long Lasting and Stronger Than Ever Says Famous Astrologer India


Relationship problems are very common these days. People tend to say love each other to maintain a healthy relationship, but my friend love is not everything to manage a easy-going relationships. There are certain things you must keep in mind to make a relationship stronger than ever. According to famous astrologer india all relationship problems have some basic issues, like trust issue, communication issues etc. but these problems are not as big as they seem in the first place. We need to take care of these problems by little bit of understanding in relationship.


  1. Communicate and trust each other

Have you ever noticed the difference a well built relationship can do rather than a less communicative relationship?  Those who keep a great relation, share almost everything with each other, as they know they can trust each other with all heart. One thing to keep in mind is to never cheat your partner. Once you lose the faith in relationship, it can ruin the basic building of trust.


  1. Compromise is the key to everything

Those who learn the art of compromising with a smiling face, they can go far. Nobody likes to be with a nagging partner. Those who share bad times, can only be happy at good times. Just Compromise and sacrifice for a certain periods, see how it changes your perception towards the bond, even you will feel more compassionate towards your partner.


3.Be each other’s strength and support

At the end of the day what matters is you two, in good and hard times too.  One of the thing in making relationship last long is  to be each other’s support. In Fact, when you can totally rely on your partner only then you can keep it till the end.


4.Fight but make up as soon as possible

‘A healthy relationship has no fight!’ – it is a myth. Every relationship go through rough patches. But that does not mean it is the end of your relationship. You need to understand that two absolutely different people are coming together in a relationship, difference of opinion is very normal. Fight would take place, but you need to make up and talk it out.

Zodiac colors

  1. Admit your mistakes, say sorry!

A strong couple knows that unnecessary egos ruin a relationship. Admit your faults, if you do one. Do not argue about silly matters. A sorry doesn’t mean you will be taken for granted, rather it means that you value your relationships.


  1. Let the air passes through Us!

Famous astrologer india says a strong couple know that how much space the other half needs, and they provide them with alone time and space. If one of you feel claustrophobic in the relationship, it won’t last long. From the very starting of the relationship, make sure about your personal space and talk about it. This way you can also  talk about personal life when you two are not together.


  1. Be each other SOS

Do you help your partner when they need help? It can be anything from work related problems, cooking skill or family drama. Remember one thing, help only when they need it and ask for it. Otherwise just be in his side. A little help and compassion in life can take you to a long road.


  1. Be friendly to each other family and friends

We automatically feel affectionate to them, who can get zeal with our family and friends. It is a key factor in any strong relationship. To be friendly does not involve too much of interference in their life, except calling them sometime, meeting these can go a long way.


  1. Have a constructive argument

Arguing is not always unhealthy to keep a relation. There is constructive way of arguing by lowering your voice, keeping the facts only without any exaggeration. Sometime if you disagree at some point, do not hesitate to talk about it. Stand up for what you feel is right and let them understand your views.


  1. Acquire a listening skill after all

To built a long lasting relationship one must keep an eye over listening skill. These days we tend to talk much and listen less. Acquiring a good skill of listening will bring your relationship to another level of understanding.


Know Your Holi Colour From Famous Astrologer in India


In 2018, the occasion of holi in the ‘purnima’ or full moon day is observed in 1 st of March. And we are excited about this colorful, auspicious, beauteous occasion. After research and long process of selection, famous astrologer India came to conclusion about the best colour that fit for you in this auspicious occasion of Holi.

According to our famous astrologer in India, best colour should be decided as per the element of particular birth sign. Like, Aries, Sagittarius, Leo have ‘fire’ elements in them. They must go for dark colours like bloody red, pink, Indigo, Purple, gold etc. if you are a Water sign (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio), then famous astrologer in India will suggest for you colours those are shades of blue, like sea green, violet, navy etc.


do you know that Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are air sign? Yellow, grey, silver, and pearl all these colours are suited for their personality. Last but not the least we will talk about Earth sign those sign that fall under this elements are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Rose pin, brown shades, pretty pink are colours for their simple personality.

So what are worries? Choose your colour and flaunt your personality based on your zodiac sign.

Astrological Combinations For Early Marriage

Since the human civilization, marriage is an integral part of the various customs and duties of the society. It’s a sacred bond between two individuals that are regarded to be made in heaven. Many times it has been seen that people do visit the famous astrologer in India to know the details of their marriage, whether it will be an early or late marriage. Let us read about why early marriage is possible in the following cases:

In reference to the natal chart, the planet Venus is regarded as the karaka for marriage. Also, the 7th house, 2nd house, 4th house, 5th house and the 8th house lords are responsible for marriage life. Besides this, the placement of other planets and the aspects of the planets of the natal chart of the native should also be judged carefully by the famous astrologer in Kolkata.
The famous astrologer in India suggested that the 7th lord should be in Kendra or Trikona with the constellation of benefic planets. Also, the 7th house should be aspected by benefic planets and no papakartari yoga is present. He/She also gave the opinion that Venus should be well placed in Kendra and Trikona in the star of the benefic planet. Venus is one of the most important planets responsible for marriage and it should not be in the company of malefic planets.

The Lagna lord should be strong or aspected to the 7th house and the placement of the benefic planets should also be in the 7th house. The 2nd house should be free from affliction along with the combination of the benefic rays. According to the natal chart, the 4th house is for happiness, 5th house for children, and 12th house for bed comforts. So it is being suggested by all that all the lords of these respective houses should be definitely free from afflictions.