Can You Trust Online Astrology?


Astrology is the science that allows one to predict the fears, difficulties and hurdles of the future. Kolkata is best known place for the astrological sciences. Find the best astrologer in Delhi who contemplates on the development of planets and their position to predict the future of your life.

Astrology also changes your life with the help of the predictions and gives cures. Astrology adds several advantages in your life. It can help you in several ways like,

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Gains You Certainty:

When you start up a business or move forward with the advancement in your life, the chance of achieving success will not be known earlier. At the initial stage, you may not know the correct way to proceed with. Astrology gives you a certainty through which you can make your life superior.

Future Predictions:

If you get the aid of astrology in your life, it can help you to predict your future certainly. Because of this reason, you can change the future happenings by the remedies given by astrologers and make required changes. This makes your life better and much delightful. You can take the help of astrology to know what will happen in your future.

Career Guidance:

There are many advantages of opting astrology in your life. In every stage of your life, you can make perfect decisions in any situation. A career decision is the most important thing in your life. Astrology gives you an incredible chance to take up right career decisions with the help of your zodiac signs.

Creates Harmony and Love:

At a certain point in life, everybody will face some problematic issues that bring disharmony in your life. At that point whatever you do, you cannot bring harmony and hatred in your life. Astrology is the smarter way to battle out those problems and it brings peace and love in your family life.

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Wrapping up:

Many advantages are still left to find out to make your life a beautiful one. Astrology with the help of zodiac signs can even change your life fate. Certain things cannot be proven in life. Astrology is considered to be the science of life that has been witnessed in the lives of many.

Change Your Company Name with Numerology to Reflect Positive Destiny


Here are the some of the secret numbers to achieve success in business using numerology. Thus having these numbers in your business path will help you to meet positive destiny.

The mystical journey of sages based on thousands of years made the people believe in numerology. It is an ancient science combined with modern mathematics that makes wonders in people’s lives.

People search many ways to make money after gaining good health and they focus more on wealth by a startup with some kind of business. Just starting a business won’t help you to achieve success in you should also consider some of the major aspects of numerology. It is important to consider the birth date of a person to have improved business and here are some of the numbers that reflect positive destiny in your business.

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The power of heavenly 9:

For most of the business number 9 is considered as the luckiest number among all numbers. Number 9 represents the power and wellness of nature that gives a magical effect on your business. The series of 9 like 27 and 45 will have great success in their business that too number 27 is considered as the root of all occult studies. Whereas number 45 is considered as wisdom and intelligence.

The magnificent number 51:

To have high profits and its business owner invincible, the number 51 helps you with it. Venus is represented by number 6 and it’s the sign of good fortune and wealth that determines the inner strength of the human soul. The good numbers for your business are the number series of 6 are 42, 15, 24, and 87.

The number of Kubera- 33:

Kubera is the lord of wealth so having number 33 in your business will bring prosperity and luck. The number series of 6 in every business and people born on 6, 15 and 24 are very lucky and it automatically helps in making their business profitable. All business people worship the lord Kubera so they will have the number 33 in their business.

The spectacular 8:

The number 8 is known as the mystical number as it represents the power of Saturn and brings luck if it is evaluated and selected for business names. The persons with great influence of Saturn can have this number in their business flourish. Thus Saturn is powerful to make anyone’s fortune.

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The fabulous 5:

The number 5 is considered as the universal supporter and suits for anyone irrespective of their date of birth and life path. The number series of 5 like 23 is the most powerful number in numerology and it can be used in everyone’s business. In India, there are lots of companies running successfully by the help of the best numerologist in Delhi.

Final words:

The number has the power to open the door of good fortunes in your business. By using these numbers in your business will help you to lead a lucky and prosperous life. Generally, numerology is applied in business to deals with business names, owners name, partners name, goods procurement dates, business starting date, deal signing date, and many others.


Things You Need to Know About Vedic Astrology

Astrology deals with the study of the movements of stars and planets. Astrologers ascertain the impact and influence of the study on the lives and well-being of the people. Astrology follows three main systems. They are Vedic, Western and Chinese. Among these, Vedic astrology is originated from India. India has a rich traditional heritage of astrology and its influence on people.

Indian astrology of the Vedic system is considered the most accurate and popular among all the three systems. Astrology is not only ancient practice but also a scientifically proven one. This helps in predicting the future and prevents certain unfortunate things. A Best astrologer in Delhi will help you to solve the issues you are facing with the help of Vedic astrology.

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Zodiac Signs Vedic Astrology:

There are twelve zodiac signs in Indian Vedic astrology. It is typically called “Rashis” in Hindi. Each sign are ruled by planets and it has some special characters and personality traits figured out by ruling planets. In Vedic astrology, the moon was placed at the time of the birth of an individual and the calculations are done. Unlike any other signs of the planet, the signs of the moon reveal the nature of inner personality.

The human mind cannot be predicted easily. It is a very complex thing in the world. But this zodiac sign of moon predicts the mental process of the individual. Planets play a vital role in the life of the individual. Apart from the main planets, Rahu and Ketu are the two planets that are functioning in Indian Astrology.


Kundali is the birth chart prepared based on the individual’s name, date of birth and place of birth. This is given the utmost importance in Indian astrology that uses to predict the future of the individual. There are a lot more divisional charts that the Vedic astrologers use. This is used to find out any negative influences of the planets in the present, past and also in the futuristic perspective. This is also used to find the compatibility match for the bride and bridegroom.


The Dashas in Vedic astrology reveals the consequences of Karma. It is a belief that whatever happens to a human, it is the result of past deeds that the individual has done according to Vedic astrology. The planets and stars work according to karma. Their multiple systems of negative conditions of karma that people do, Vimshottaridasha is considered as the most predominant one.

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Muhurtha is the best ritualistic time to perform auspicious thing on a special occasion. Vedic astrology also helps to determine muhurta to perform certain special things like marriage and house warming. Using the kundali chart, the date and time of this muhurta are carefully determined by the astrologers. If any negative incidents are predicted by this kundali chart, the muhurta day will not be preplanned.

Wrapping Up

There are great benefits of astrology which are considered to be the blessing. You can also gain the benefit of matching relationship compatibility. You can find a trustworthy vedic astrologer to share even your confidential matters.






If You Suffering From Bad Dreams, Then Just Follow These Measures

Have you ever woken at the middle of the night nervous and sweating and let out a great sigh thinking that thank god it’s only a dream? If yes, that’s not surprising because lots of people are experiencing the same.

But are you tired without proper sleep because of the bad dream? Is the dream lingering in your mind all day and are you trying to find the meaning of the dream? Bad dreams can mean a lot of things and sometime may not make any sense at all. But to get rid of the dreams you can follow some astrological methods. You can visit an astrologer and find a remedy for your bad dreams. Best astrologer in Delhi put forth few measures to get rid of bad dream.

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Astrology and Dreams

The science of dream still remains a mystery. But it is said that dreams are reflection of subconscious thoughts. If you are facing a tough time or going through lot of stress, it will be reflected as bad dreams. According to astrology dreams are said to have some meaning. The Vedic astrology claims that Rahu is the ruler of dreams. Also the 9th place of the natal chart corresponds to dream, and the planet in that place will decide the dream style.

Astrological remedies for bad dreams

This might seem bit weird but mopping the floor with salt water daily if effective to stop bad dreams. Also moping with salt water before going to sleep ensures great sleep.

Wash your feet with lukewarm water which cleanses your dreams

Apply coconut oil so that you can get relaxed and have positive dreams while sleeping.

Also place a glove of garlic under your pillow before sleeping which is said to pass out the negativity

Cover few fennel seeds in a white cloth and keep it under the pillow

Keep a packet of yellow rice nearby your  head to avoid bad dreams

Keeping a packet of alum that is fitkari is advised which surely helps to get over the nightmares.

You can tie worshipped holy treads in your hand to avoid bad dreams

Vedic astrology measures

Vedic astrology suggests that keeping your head in the south and your feet in the north will curb all the bad dreams. Also avoid resting your head on north side as it is considered to be the abode of lord Yama, the god of dharma and death.

Avoid keeping the footwear near the sleeping area as it is considered to be asouirce of negative energy

Keep a tulsi plant in your room which is an excellent cleanser of negativity

Women are advised to tie their hair before going to sleep. Open hair is an attractor of negative energy.

You can meet an astrologer and get yantras that are powered by poojs and keep them at your pooja room or bed room to avoid any negative vibration inside your home.

You can also get gemstones from famous astrologer and wear it as a ring to avaoid bad dreams

Reciting hanuman challis before going to sleep also protects you from bad dreams and have a trouble-free sleep.


Bottom line:

These remedies were followed by ancestors and have proven to be effective even now. If you are suffering from bad dreams follow these remedies.

Significant Effects of Rahu and Ketu in the Horoscope

Rahu and Ketu are not planets of physical substances like any other planets in the universe. They are the energies which are mystic to understand. Rahu and Ketu are the points where the moon and orbits of the earth intersect.

These planets create two areas of electromagnetic disturbance which is known in Vedic terms as Rahu and Ketu. Rahu represents power and wealth that brings prosperity into your lives. Do you want to know more about Rahu and Ketu and its effect in your lives?

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Get to know its benefits from a best astrologer in Delhi. Delhi, being the capital city of India is rich in technology as well as tradition. Best astrologers are there in this city who can explain to you the mystical relationship between planets and an individual’s life.

First House Effects of Rahu and Ketu:

The effects of Rahu and Ketu in the first house indicate unhealthy life. You appear to be odd and have a peculiar personality. The placement of Rahu also indicates unfortunate for marriage.

Effects in Second and Third House:

When Rahu comes to the second house, it indicates that the person is so quarrelsome. There will be disputes in the family and gives danger to eyesight. When it reaches the third house, it indicates bravery. It also indicates you as strong, adventurous and reckless person.

Effects in Fourth and Fifth House:

This house suggests that the individual may lose friends because of foolish behaviour. There is also a chance of becoming a victim of fraud. Ketu in the fifth house represents the loss of children and trouble can be caused in the stomach

Rahu and Ketu in Eighth and Ninth House:

In the eighth house, the individual will face humiliation in some unexpected way. In the positive side, the individual may become famous and acquire wealth.

In 10th, 11th and 12th Place:

Here the signs indicate prosperity along with a long life. There are chances for the individual to become famous and wealthy.

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Bottom Line:

The effects of Rahu and Ketu have a significant position in the life of an individual. Different positions of these planets represent different characteristics like love, behavior and relationship. If you are fascinated to get to know about your life predictions, visit a best astrologer in Delhi  now.

Tips to Achieve Peace and Prosperity Through Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is literally known as the science of Architecture originated in India. Several scriptures from Indian subcontinent describe the science of vastu sastra. This deals with the principles of design, layout, measurement and spatial geometry of architecture. This science is derived from traditional Hindu and Buddhist beliefs.

The constructional methodology of your home plays an important role to build your life well. A good home brings positivity and enthusiasm every day to complete your routine set of activities. To build a positive home, find out a famous astrologer in Delhi, who is eminent in determining the Vastu of your home.

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Vastu Shastra was derived several years ago. This states that the five fundamental elements of the universe, i.e. earth, water, air, wind and fire are responsible for the creation of the earth. This laid the foundation for the science of construction. All the cosmic principles stated in Vastu Shastra helps you get rid of negative energy and encourage you to enter a life of positivity.

Tips for Life Enrichment:

In this stressful world, everyone is hectic doing busy works and they definitely need a place for them to boost their energy. Qualities like calmness, positive energy and inner peace help you in handling day to day challenges. There is no better place than your home to recharge yourself efficiently. A home which is constructed with vastu setting generates lots of positive energy that helps in building positive quality and peaceful life. There are several vastu tips to achieve peace and prosperity to enrich your life:

At the entrance of your house, it’s good not to keep trashes in front

Keeping heavy things in front of your house should be avoided

It creates a good vibe if the kitchen is constructed in the south-east direction

Only in the north-east and north-west direction the entrance for the light and air should be made

Using new materials for construction is always good

At the entrance of the house, it’s good to avoid constructing well, pillar or swamp

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Bottom Line:

If you are fascinated by the science of architecture and its impacts on life, try visiting a famous astrologer in delhi today.

Effects of Saturn Transition in Human Life

Kolkata is a place where many astrologers are famous for their predictions and turning out the negative vibes and created positivity in the present action. Saturn, one of the planets of the universe is claimed as the justice lord and a tough taskmaster.

This not only creates an impact on the lives of human beings but also creates an impact on the internal characteristics like thoughts, feeling and actions. If you wish to know about the effects of transition in your life, then consult the best astrologer in Delhi who can brings changes in your life.


Relationship between Saturn and Capricorn:

Saturn gives both blissful and cruel experiences to people. Capricorn, which is considered as strict energy, also brings goals and implementations in people’s lives. This is a sign of restless works and a full-fledged commitment towards the responsibilities. This is the hidden reason why the taskmaster, Saturn has a relation with Capricorn, considered to be the sign of discipline and authority.

Saturn Transition:

Each planet in astrology has its effects on the lives of the people. Planetary transit plays a big role in emotions, values, thoughts, deeds or challenges. In the cycle of life, a person needs to analyze the effects of transit. Saturn represents the people who are living the life of normality. They always have a simple taste and are often detached from worldly desires.

When Saturn transits to Capricorn, it helps the individual to change their lifestyle. It enables them to think and act according to certain values. This is a way of bringing balance in everybody’s life. Saturn helps in the reconstruction of the lives of people. If you want to enlighten your path of life circle, then you can make use of this transit.

Effects of Transit:

Saturn is a natural signifier of the population of the world, farmers or even the landowners. Saturn dominates the wealth of different states and nations like Capricorn who has the entire control of the government. Hence the combination of both of these planets has a tremendous effect in an individual’s life.

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Bottom Line:

Get to know your personalized Saturn transition and its effect on your life cycle. To know this, visit a best astrologer in India to know what’s ahead in your life.

How Astrology can Help You in Your Daily Life

Astrology is ancient science of prediction and calculation of a person’s life. It is based on the alignment of the stars and planets that corresponds to one’s life. The art of astrology has been in practice from ancient times and is still a part of many people’s life.

Newton’s third law say that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is so true when it comes to astrology in day to day life. Every action and every reaction is influenced by astrology. You can visit the best astrologer in Delhi and know it from the professional. Delhi has the best professionals and scholars of ancient astrology. But before you go to a professional let’s lay down a few points on how astrology helps in day to day life.


How astrology helps in daily life?

By knowing about your chart you can be a deciding point in every phase of your life. No matter what field the hands of your planet and the stars are inevitable. Your education, employment, business, property, marriage, childbirth, relationships, long distance travel and anything can be decided with the help of astrology.

Scrutinize your future:

You can get a look in to the prompt events that are about to take place in the future and be prepared. You can be aware and take the right decisions with the predictions in mind. It can also answer your major life altering questions corresponding to career, marriage, and child.

Astrology and marriage:

Marriage will be a biggest part your life and is a big decision. Matching horoscopes will make that decision much easier. Matching horoscope will give analyze whether both are compatible and can lead a happy life. It reduces the chance of divorce and many other issues.

Build your confidence with astrology:

In time of hard ships astrology gives a new hope to hold on. The astrologer will analyze the planets and will predict for how long the problem will extend. Also an astrologer will suggest some remedies based on your charts. This gives the confidence to face the hard ship.

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Final word:

This is just a glimpse from myriad of benefits that astrology has in day to day life. Visit the famous astrologer in Delhi and have a thorough insight into your life.

Does Your Horoscope have the Luxury of Owning a 4-Wheeler Vehicle

People have more belief in astrology from ancient times. Astrology is considered by every individual to take an important decision in their life. It also helps to overcome obstacles with great ideas and provide opinion towards success.

Everyone dream is to buy a luxurious car but before that one should get a suggestion by best astrologer in Delhi. First of all, know whether your horoscope has a chance of buying a car so that you can go with the astrology.


There are 12 different kind of horoscope and each has its characteristics which are listed below:


People who come under Taurus have the thought to buy the best things in their life. So they afford in buying a foremost car.


The  Gemini horoscope individuals are dual nature, open-minded and approach advanced ones. So you people have a pretend to buy a luxurious car.


These people take the role of leading authorities or born leader. They take part in presidency things. In that case, they can choose a unique car so that they can look different from others.


Cancer persons are emotional and sensitive so they value the cost of the thing. They choose a car with cost-efficient and colour can be blue, white, yellow and sea green it is according to you.


The individual with Virgo horoscope tends to buy a luxurious car. Because their nature of behavior makes to focuses on the performance of the car.


Among the horoscope, Leo is the royal sign of the zodiac and these people are most dramatic. Hence they prefer going with pink, yellow and grey.


The members in Scorpio category are more stylish and have an identity on their own. The chance of buying an elegant car is more assured. 


Pisces commodity people are humble classy and quiet in behavior.They can go for pale colour and also prefer white.

banner 4


These guys wouldn’t prefer a luxurious lifestyle and they would rather go for adventurous places. Either their choice can be different from other horoscopes.


These personalities are practical and simple people. Their colour of buying a car can be white, brown or black colours.


These group of people are instant orthodox so they can choose cars in electric colour.

Astrology – A Science and an Art

The debate about whether astrology is a science or an art is still prevailing among the scientific community. One calls astrology a science while others call astrology an art. In simple terms, astrology is the study of movement and positions of the moon, stars, and planets and predicting the future and major life events. Though astrology is an age-old science it is still in practice.

Lots of people are eager to know about how planets can influence their life. Even when there are speculations about astrology many believe in it as they have seen results in front of their eyes. You can consult the best astrologer in Delhi and understand thoroughly about astrology.

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Beyond zodiac signs:

At the mention of the word astrology, everyone only thinks of zodiac signs. But astrology is not just confined to zodiac signs but also includes various other principles and techniques. These techniques use many elements to make predictions. The five elements that are the panchabootha also have a major part in astrology. The fire, water, earth, air, and sky are the panchboothas.

Astrology as an art:

Many define astrology as an art. It is used to determine horoscopes precisely that too within a few seconds. It is an art of portraiture that captures a moment as seen in heaven. That moment could be birth, career, and marriage. The birth charts are formed using this art. The way the predictions are done differs from one astrologer to another. This difference can make huge alterations. And for perfect predictions, the art of astrology has to be mastered.

Astrology as science:

The fact that astrology is science is contradicted by many. But the calculation using the natal charts is based on science. If the calculations go wrong, the whole prediction can be done wrongly. The calculation of the position, movement of 10 planets by the house, sign, and the relationship is based on scientific aspects.


Bottom line:

Astrology is an art that is based on some scientific principles of planets and stars. The idea of astrology differs from person to person. But no matter whether it is an art or science lots of people have benefitted from astrology.